Defining Emily Things

Christmas Card

One of my Christmas cards!

So what exactly are “Emily Things”? The title of this blog doesn’t imply much unless you know me already. I felt I would enter the blogging world with more than just one interest. At first I thought it would be scrapbooking and pop-up cardmaking. Then I thought it would be baking and cake-decorating. Before I knew it, I had a whole slew of topics and interests that I knew I’d be writing about.

This morning I delivered my toys for Big Brothers Big Sisters from our giving tree at the office. The 13 year old girl whose ornament I had selected requested “art supplies” and “makeup,” so naturally I found buckets of fun art supplies and a huge makeup kit with glittery sweetness all over it. When walking into my office this morning my boss says “those gifts are so typical Emily.” And then it dawned on me, I hear a lot of people say that about the things I am interested in. So I felt it would be fun to share some of my thoughts, DIY projects, creative crafts, fun finds, beauty tips, fashion ideas, yummy recipes, cake-decorating tricks, healthy habits, home decor possibilities, and ways to stay green!

I hope to bring you many fun ideas and I look forward to learning many new ones too! Have a happy Friday!!


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