DIY Snow Globe Jars

I was in the lovely Anthropologie store on Newbury Street in Boston, and I stumbled upon these lovely little snow globe jars. Thinking that they would make a perfect accent around the house this time of year, I picked one up with the intention of bringing it straight over to the register.

But then my purchase suddenly halted when I noticed the price tag – a whopping $25.00 for a snow globe mason jar??? It didn’t even have liquid in it! So when you shake it, none of the sparkly snow swirls around inside like a regular snow globe. I suddenly felt the charm of this novelty item sink away.

Why pay $25 for something that I make myself for under $5?

Snow Globe Jars

Yes, this is another DIY recipe for something cute that you can use to decorate your home. Even though the Christmas season has ended, it’s still a nice wintry decoration!

How to Make the Exact Same Snow Globe for Under $5

What You Will Need

1. Mason Jar – $1.99

2. Glitter (Silver or White for Snow!) – $0.91

CHENILLE KRAFT COMPANY Glitter 3/4 OZ. Silver CK-8716

3. Evergreen tree – $0.99 – $2.25

Assuming you are trying to mimic the Anthropologie snow globe that doesn’t contain water – you can either hunt for a Christmas tree figurine (there are some really cheap online for around $1. Most of what I found was on eBay and I can’t copy their images or links, so you’ll have to browse around for “Christmas Tree figurine”).

Or, you can make your own Christmas tree out of paper (cost for two 12″ x 12″ cardstock sheets of evergreen colored paper = $.58 at JoAnn Fabric). Tiny wooden dowel (4-5 inches, depends on the size of the mason jar) for support of the tree = $0.99-$2.50 at AC Moore.

The Procedure:

1. Using Crazy glue, attach the figurines to your jar lid and allow it to dry completely (for best results, wait 24 hours).

2. Next, add glitter. It looks like the jars at Anthropologie had about a couple tablespoons of glitter dusting the tops of the evergreen figurines and layered all around the bottom.

3. Seal the lid – and you’re done!

Decided you wanted to make your evergreen out of paper?

1. Use a wooden dowel (approximately 4 inches long), 1/4 – 1/2 cm diameter and wrap the cylindrical rod in the dark green paper

2. Secure the paper to the rod using wood glue or crazy glue.

3. Secure the wooden dowel to the inside of the lid by using Crazy glue and pressing firmly for at least a full minute.  Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

4. Cut out 2 squares 2 x 2 cm each, 2 squares 3 x 3 cm each, and 2 square 4 x 4 cm each.

5. Use a hole punch or your scissors to poke a small hole in the center of all the squares.

6. Use scissors or your x-acto knife to slice small slithers all along the square, getting close to the hole in the center but leaving about 1/2 cm of room around the hole to avoid it from tearing.

7. Upon creating tiny frayed slices of paper all along each square, slide them down the wooden dowel through the holes, using the largest square first and the smallest square on top.

8. Since you’re using cardstock, you can bend and fan the pieces outward to make them look more like evergreen branches.

9. Use a little glue along the rim of each hole for each square to secure them to the wooden dowel.

(Pictures on this process coming shortly!!)

How to Make an Even BETTER Snow Globe for Under $10

The Anthropologie snow globe is  cute, but it doesn’t have any liquid in it so nothing swirls around! Here is how you can make a better one still at a lower cost than the $25 retail value of the one at Anthropologie.

1. Mason Jar (as shown above) – $1.99

2. Glitter – (as shown above)  $0.91

3. Evergreen Tree or Other Winter Object Figurine – $1-3

4. Distilled Water – $1.22 at ACE Hardware Store

5. Liquid Glycerin – $1 at CVS

The Procedure:

1. Using Crazy glue, attach the figurines to your jar lid and allow it to dry completely (for best results, wait 24 hours).

2. Next, fill the jar completely with distilled water (leave a little room at the top since you will be inserting your figurines from the lid once you seal it).

3. Add about 1 tsp of glycerin (just a dash to make the glitter/snow float)

4. Add glitter (however much you want)

5. Screw the cap on tightly, and you’re done!

So there you have it – a cheap, easy way to get the same charming, wintry touch in your home. Snow globes are simply a lovely little decoration!

Check out how this blogger did the same thing:

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