DIY: January 2012 Calendar

A new year calls for a new calendar. They are easy to make and cute to give as a Happy New Year gift. So far, I’ve only created one for January 2012, but I intend to make one for each month. I made a mini one using two 6 x 6″ card stock squares, but if you need one to write-in all those appointments and events to hang in your kitchen, you can do the same thing using 12 x 12″ card stock. To make the calendar extra sturdy, I used the cardboard from a recycled Fiber One bar box (this saved me from having to go and buy new 12 x 12 sheets of poster board).

The “January 2012″ words were free-hand drawn with pencil then cut out using an x-acto knife and the snowflakes were created using a paper punch (size x-small). The calendar grid was created simply using a ruler and dividing the space into a grid of 5 squares by 7 squares. I left about 1 cm on all sides to create a border and hand-wrote the numbers and days of the week.

You can create this simply by using 3 pieces of card stock 6″ x 6” each using any combination of a pattern and complementing solid color, as well as one neutral color. Then you just need a good x-acto knife (highly recommended) or scissors, adhesive, and a paper punch or other little decorative doodads if desired. And that’s it! It’s great to try and use up your left over scraps from other projects, if you can. Even though we’re all addicted to fun paper crafts, we have to try and be as green as possible whenever we can.

Happy January 2012! And Happy New Year!

DIY January 2012 calendar

DIY January 2012 calendar

January 2012 DIY Calendar

January 2012 Calendar DIY Scrapbooking

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