DIY Save the Date Cards

Making my own save-the-date cards and wedding invitations is something I always knew I’d be rolling up my sleeves for. I’ll probably end up typing the real things since my calligraphy can get a little sloppy…and by the time I’ve done 50 of them, I might have carpal tunnel. I’m still trying to figure out the colors too. I never thought picking colors would be so complicated or that there were so many rules involved with this stuff.

What I do know is that I’m pretty sure the bridesmaids will be wearing floor length navy blue dresses for our November 2012 wedding. And maybe they’ll have red-colored flowers? I actually really like red mums. Anyways…I’m still brainstorming but felt that I needed to do a practice session of DIY Save the Date card-making. I think I’ll do a few different styles until I figure out the right look, then get my card stock stacks and trimmer ready for mass production of them. At least save-the-dates don’t need to be mailed until 6 months before the wedding! I have time to figure it out. Hope this practice card take # 1 looks ok!

save the date card DIY

save the date card diy card making

Save the Date DIY wedding

Save the Date Cards Handmade

3 thoughts on “DIY Save the Date Cards

  1. How did you make this? what materials? This is really cute! What is the piece that holds the bow down? sorry for all the questions.

    • Hi Jaclyn, sorry for the delay! I’ve been busy with wedding plans! But I will post a tutorial on this. The piece holding down the bow is called a brad. You can find brads for about $1-2 for a pack of 50 at most craft stores. The bow is actually made of cardstock paper!

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