Review: SCAM ALERT!

EDIT: Since posting this, Jewelry-DIY contacted me saying that they will provide a full refund in exchange for me taking down this blog post. I am still waiting for the PayPal refund.


Dear fellow crafters,

In the midst of putting together all the cute little wedding details I have been scammed by this website and I wanted you all to be warned to avoid getting yourself in a similar situation.

jewelry_diy scam jewelry rhinestone heart shape stud earrings

Here’s what happened:

As you know, I’ve put together my own boxed wedding invitations which feature a pretty heart shape rhinestone detail in the center of a black satin bow across the front of each invite (as shown below):

boxed wedding invitation diy formal wedding invitation silver black white heart

I ended up running out of these little rhinestone hearts and the prices at Joann’s craft store were outrageous. I couldn’t remember where I originally obtained the heart pins so I decided to hunt online. Naturally, as a cheap and frugal crafter, I look for the best deal that I possibly can. I started with a simple Google shopping search for “rhinestone heart stud earrings” because I figured that heart earrings would be the best way to secure the jewel to the ribbon (hot glue does not hold it!!!)

So, I came across this company, “” selling similar earrings for only $3.09 per pair. I thought this was perfect so I went ahead and ordered. It seemed legit, and I paid securely through my PayPal account thinking it was no big deal.

This is the photo of what I ordered from their website:

jewelry diy cheap rhinestone heart stud earrings wedding

2 weeks later, after ordering 38 pairs of earrings (to have enough for each invitation), I received 1 pair of really crappy earrings that were NOT as pictured in the mail.

My first thought was,”oh well, shit happens.”

Not everything you order online ends up arriving as pictured – this is a known fact and a common risk that we all take whenever we order something online. I thought it was odd that only 1 pair arrived. I had to check my email receipt multiple times and made sure that I wasn’t going crazy – it did in fact say that I had ordered and paid for 38 pairs…so where were the rest? And aside from that…I wanted to return these right away.

So I went to the website and tried to initiate the process since there was no invoice or return information in the package I received and the label was all in Chinese. I tried finding a phone number on the website but no luck. They have a “Live Chat” option, but when you click on it, it’s just an email form to submit a message. So, I explained my story and submitted it.


Two weeks later, I submitted a follow up email.

Still nothing.

I hunted down the name of the company that accepted the PayPal payment from the website called Huge Best Ltd with a phone number in China and a person named “Nancy” who is supposedly a customer service representative. You call this number and get no one. Then I tried emailing the Huge Best Ltd email address and haven’t had a response. After about 6 different emails, I am beyond frustrated. Plus, keeps sending me all of these promotional emails about deals and discounts on their website. Seriously??

I still have not received an answer and I purchased these earrings on June 1, 2012. All I have is 1 pair of crappy cheap earrings that I paid $140.00 for. I highly WARN any of you who might stumble upon this website to BEWARE. DO NOT USE JEWELRY-DIY.COM!!

I ended up finding David Tutera Hair Snaps which came out to more money per snap but it was worth not having this frustration and in the end, they are lot prettier than the heart earrings that I originally used. I just had to use a hole puncher to get the snaps to stay on and measured where the hole should be on each ribbon so that they were centered each time.

Here is a link on to the hair snaps I ended up using:

Rhinestone DIY Wedding Invitations Black White Silver Bow Elegant Formal Invitations

DIY Rhinestone Wedding Invitation Formal Couture Boxed Invites Black White Silver

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