Boxed Wedding Invitations: Long Beach, NY Wedding Invitations

Brianna and Greg are planning their New York wedding for the 4th of July in 2014! Although it’s a patriotic holiday, Brianna’s colors are black, silver, and dark purple. She recently requested a sample order from Emily’s Enchantments and so I gave her a couple of options to choose from – silver boxes or black boxes and purple rhinestone flat buckle or purple ribbon bow with rhinestone center. Her venue is at a contemporary, elegant hotel in Long Beach, NY and she is hoping her invitations will closely reflect her formal, upscale event. Here’s a peek at the samples we put together for her!

blackinvitationboxwedding   coutureweddinginvitationboxes Blackboxedweddinginvitation silverboxedweddinginvitation boxedweddinginvitationnewyork newyorkboxedweddinginvitationuniqueformal elegantnewyorkweddinginvitation Newyorkweddinginvitationuniqueelegant UniqueNewYorkWeddingInvitation   ElegantBoxedInvitationWeddingFormal WeddingRibbonBowBuckle BoxedInvitationWeddingBox BoxedInvitatinDetail   BoxedInvitationWeddingElegantFormal BoxedWeddingInvitationPurpleSilverRibbon    ElegantBoxedInvitationWedding ElegantBoxedWeddingInvitationUnique      WeddingInvitationBoxRibbonBlackTie ElegantWeddingInvitationRhinestoneRibbonBuckle    ElegantWeddingInvitationRhinestoneRibbonBuckle2 BlackBoxedWeddingInvitationsPurpleRibbon SilverBoxedWeddingInvitationPurpleRibbon

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