Rhode Island Wedding Venue Review: Mount Hope Farm

Peaceful waters and pristine grounds. Rustic charm and oceanic elegance. Mount Hope Farm is a quintessential Rhode Island gem that makes for a breathtakingly beautiful venue for your wedding.  On a mildly warm November weekend, I was able to spend an overnight at this historical Bristol site that is truly magical.

In January 2012 (nearly two years ago), I considered Mount Hope Farm (MHF) for my fall 2012 wedding. At the time of my Rhode Island venue searching frenzy, I met with John, the farm’s event coordinator at the time. You may recall from my first RI venue review that my original impression of the farm was not a very favorable one.  But, I hope you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was to learn some wonderful new things about this historically charming venue.


My first greeting was by David Rubino, innkeeper and events manager, who not only provides a warm welcome and delicious breakfast to guests staying at the inn, but also plays a vital role in a bride’s wedding day. He’s the person there to save the day if a dress rips or something goes amiss. With his devoted passion for Mount Hope Farm, and its beauty and rich history, David provides impressive, unmatched hospitality to his guests.


After a lovely morning breakfast at the Governor Bradford House inn, I met with Jennifer Bristol, the new executive director of Mount Hope Farm, who was incredibly wonderful, friendly and professional as she took us on a tour of the site. We not only were shown the 2 areas of the grounds in which brides can choose to have their celebration, but we were also given some of the powerful history that is sewn into the 127 acres of this magnificent property. Jennifer also gave us some updated pricing and guideline information too!

So remember when I was told there was “no dancing in the barn”? Well, we should set the record straight from here on out – there IS dancing allowed in the barn at Mount Hope Farm and lots of it!!! Celebration is greatly encouraged! And the new prices are very reasonable.

1) The Barn:

MHF describes it best by saying that it is “charming yet polished” because it is truly that. When you step inside and walk across the varnished wooden floors and experience the fireplace ambiance you can envision your rustic wedding elegance come to life. Now, if you’re thinking “barn” you were probably like me at first, instantly picturing a tight, small space and not sure how your 6 foot something, semi-claustrophobic future hubby is going to hold up in a venue like this. But the barn at Mount Hope Farm is quite the opposite. It is spacious, open, and airy with a very tall ceiling and large authentic barn door that opens up to give you a refreshing view of the gardens and Governor Bradford House. You can also set up little stations outside of the barn like a cigar bar, candy bar, ice cream station or even a horseshoe game section so that guests can move between the different ares of the property and yes, they can definitely dance!!

Priced at $4,000 for a Saturday night for most of the year (and $2,500 in the winter months), the Barn is quite a bargain for a 5-hour rental on a property that feels completely your own for the day. If you’ve been doing your wedding research in Rhode Island, you already know that it is impossible to find something on the East Bay for a better price, let alone a unique and timelessly beautiful one like this.

The Barn at Mount Hope Farm

2) The Cove Cabin:

Your other option for a wedding at Mount Hope Farm is down at the cove. You’re greeted by a jaw-dropping view of the Mount Hope bridge and a little pathway of crushed seashells that lead to the cabin’s stone steps. While the inside of the cabin is suited for small parties up to 60 guests, there is a large lush grass area that is perfect for setting up a tent overlooking the water. Jennifer mentioned that many couples are having rehearsal dinners in the cabin too.

Since it isn’t heated inside, this cabin is available May-October at $5,000 for a Saturday evening which again is unbeatable if you consider the water view, rustic charm, and peaceful privacy of this location. The best part is that Jennifer stressed how separate wedding events will be from each other so that if a bride is getting married at the Barn and you are getting married at Cove Cabin, you will both still feel like it’s just your place for the day and the event staff work diligently to direct guests and traffic accordingly.



Another great fact to learn about Mount Hope Farm was that they are now going to be exclusively partnered with Russell Morin Fine Catering. This makes things so much easier for a busy bride because you have the vendors already working well together and essentially taking on the role of wedding planner so that you don’t have to stress over all the little details. One thing I really appreciated from my own wedding was the fact that our coordinator already knew the caterer and florist and they had a great synergy between them which helped me immensely when it came to organizing everything in the whirlwind at the end (if you think it won’t be a whirlwind at the very end you are just kidding yourself – trust me it happens to the best of us, even those of us who are extremely Type A!). So if you have Jennifer, David, Alicia (the hard-working liaison between MHF and Russell Morin Fine Catering), and MHF’s close relationships with two highly reputable tent companies, you will have the BEST support for your bridal whirlwind moments and will get to enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

So brides to be, go out there and check out Mount Hope Farm for your wedding and be prepared to fall in love. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend an evening at this precious little piece of rustic, Rhode Island heaven.

Check out some other photos of the grounds and inside the inn that I took while I was there! 🙂


Have a peaceful little moment with your groom inside this cute little house on the property right outside the barn and Governor Bradford House inn.






I was so excited to capture a photo of the swan in the pond! How precious is that?



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