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  1. Hi Emily. My name is Pattrice Ill. I stumbled across you work on google images as to where i was searching for boxed invitations for my wedding. Although I don”t have a definite date set…the first thing I thought to do was search for invitations. I am inlove with Chloe’s invitation box. I’m sending you this message to ask if requested would you customized and make my wedding invitations. I want my invitation to be in a metallic gold box with purple, gold and green on the inside (yes…its a Mardi Gras theme). I want feathers, a porcelain mask, and jewels incorporated in my invitation. I would need 100 of those boxed invitations—i will order my rsvp, thank you and placement cards seperately if you do not make them. i just really want my wedding invitation a certain way and the themed invite online are very cheap and cheesy looking to me. Please email me at pattrice.hill@gmail.com and let me know a price quote, advance time needed, and the length of time it will take for you to make them. But just know there is no other option for me because I am sold and set on your invitation design. LOVE IT!!!!

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