Handmade Dream Wedding Shoes: Sparkles, Ribbons, Lace

Alright Brides…close your eyes. Ready for this?

Think about that monumental time when he got down on one knee and your heart started pounding because you knew what was coming in the next 5 seconds. It was that one special, magical moment that started your engagement period – the time that you plan and prepare for that one sacred day that will mark the beginning of your life married to the one person you love more than anyone in the universe.

  1. Think about the time when you slipped that diamond ring over your finger for the first time and gasped.
  2. Think about when you stepped up on that pedestal at the dress salon and said, “Yes! This is my wedding dress” and got that rush of butterflies inside.
  3. Think about when you finally booked your venue at the perfect place and told yourself “this is our official wedding date!” and had a wave of goosebumps running up your arms.

Ok, now ready for item # 4 on your “most exciting engagement moments” – almost more exciting than putting on a diamond or a dress or finding a reception venue? What moment is this?


Drum roll….


Oh my God…Etsy, how I love thee.

I started the shoe hunt as soon as I had a dress fitting on the calendar. I spent weeks browsing all over heaven and earth trying to find something comfortable (medium/low heel that I would be able to wear the entire day) but also very feminine,  sparkly, different and original. I came across thousands of white wedding shoes, as well as many colored wedding shoes in all sorts of styles with all sorts of bling. But it wasn’t until I decided to take a peek on Etsy when I found the perfect designer.

I stumbled upon everlastinglifashion , owned by Tess Harriss. I compiled a bunch of random shoe photos I had found online and gave her a mish-mash of ideas that I had for a custom shoe design. I have no idea how she took the disorganized description that I sent her of what I hoped the shoes would look like, and came up with this breathtakingly stunning masterpiece.  She kept me in the loop with everything, every step of the way, and was really great to work with. As you already know, I love vendors who respond promptly to emails!  She not only handmade the shoes of my dreams but also had a vision for a matching handbag! So I placed the order – my first official Etsy purchase as a buyer – and had to sit back and wait patiently for the past 6 weeks for her to work her magic!

And then…this week was the much anticipated shipment week.  My iPhone gets Etsy notifications and my heart would skip a beat each time I saw “new message from everlastinglifashion” pop across my screen. I finally got the tracking info for the DHL shipment and have been obsessively refreshing the tracking page over and over again round the clock watching the shoes & bag travel to Boston for delivery. I had the shoes delivered to my workplace since they require a signature, so I informed our receiving department to be on the lookout!!

With my office door open, I kept glancing up at the hall to see if anyone was coming with a box since I had an email that the shoes were on the truck out for delivery!!! The split second that Phil, my friend from our receiving building, turned the corner with a box in his hand,  I let out a shriek of excitement!!! THE SHOES HAVE ARRIVED!!! My MOH, who sits in a cube not too far away, came running around the corner into my office so that we could both tear open the box to look. And right there, right in the middle of my ordinarily life on my office desk stood the most fabulous wedding shoes and matching wedding hand bag I have ever seen. Our jaws dropped to the floor and we were in a moment of shocked silence.

Oh my goodness…I am still breathless!!!

Seriously, they are even better than the photos online and better than anything I had EVER imagined or was expecting. I am just so ecstatic about these sparkly, princess style shoes to go along with my wedding dress (which is still a surprise since my future husband looks at this blog from time to time 😉 ) and I am indescribably pleased with this Etsy purchase. These shoes and bag are items from our wedding that I will treasure forever. I’m so excited!!! If you are a bride and haven’t bought your shoes yet, get over to Etsy right now! 😀

Take a little peek at what arrived at my office today, heehee!!!!

dream wedding shoes sparkles lace ribbons jewels rhinestones crystals

wedding shoes crystals sparkles unique bows ribbons lace

unique wedding shoes handbag crystals rhinestones jewels

unique elegant wedding shoes crystals jewels rhinestones

unique wedding shoes elegant crystal bows rhinestones

elegant crystal unique wedding shoes rhinestone jewels

EEEKS!!! I am SO excited about these!!!!!