Wedding Menu Cards – Rhode Island Invitations

That moment when you first walk into your reception is a truly magical and mesmerzing experience. For a few moments you may lose your breath at the sight of just purely decadent, jaw-dropping beauty all around you – as you take in every last indulgent detail that you worked so hard on putting together for your special day. Sparkling intricacy and blissful elegance encompass the very essence of Emily’s Enchantments’ stationery. Whether you have chosen a simple, sophisticated menu card with a touch of glitz or an ornate, luxury wedding menu bound-book with personalized names of each guest – you will find pure enchantment for every taste.

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Bride & Groom chairs – custom designed for the perfect sweetheart setting at an elegant wedding reception.

Gold chivari chairs with shimmery wedding menu cards at each setting create unmatched sophistication for any special event.




Personalized wedding menu cards provide a unique greeting to each guest as he or she takes a seat at a breathtakingly beautiful reception table.







If you love lace as much as we do, you would know why we enjoy wedding menus, wedding programs and rehearsal dinner invitations such as these with touches of matching lace on each!





Signature cocktails should always be featured on shimmery card stock bar signs with a touch of glimmer.



While each guest may have his or her own bound personalized wedding menu, the bride & groom have their own reception menu that pays tribute to their first dinner as “Mr. & Mrs.”


Lace Wrapped Wedding Invitations – Rhode Island Invitations

There’s something special about lace that just makes us smile. Maybe it’s the textured, elegant fluidity or its graceful sweetness. Maybe it’s the swirls of joyous patterns that bring us to a state of enchantment when we see lace. Or maybe it’s the timeless sophistication that evokes unmatched exuberance.

Whatever the reason – we all tend to gravitate toward lace and ribbons. What better way to send an invitation to your closest family and friends for the most magical day of your life than with one wrapped in lace?

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Elegant Wedding Menus – Rhinestones, Ribbons, and Sparkle – Rhode Island Invitations

In the words of my mother, “Bridal brain is now in full throttle.

And she isn’t kidding. It’s crunch time. Fire up that glue gun and sharpen up that trimmer blade. It’s time to get down and dirty with wedding crafting.

Even though there are 8 full weeks left until our big day, there is so much to do! It’s a bit overwhelming how much is left to do. Being a DIY crafty bride certainly has its work cut out for me. But making this wedding as elegant and glamorous as possible – yet all handmade has been making the challenge well worth it.

The next task I’ve been tackling for this wedding is the wedding menu design. I have played around with different ideas and finally came up with a pretty, unique way to set the tables with these menu cards and give guests that “wow” feeling when they first sit down. Each wedding menu card is going to be personalized to include each guest’s first name on an outside cover, with a message welcoming them to our wedding reception. Then the inside will contain all of the meal details from start to finish as well as our “G” initial at the top with a couple rhinestones around it 😉

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

This seems like a daunting task  – making a menu for each and every guest, but it’s really not too bad! These are a heck of a lot easier to throw together than the boxed invites and so at this point, since I’ve already survived the invitation-making extravaganza, these menus will be a breeze in comparison.

What do you need to make them?

  • Book-binding cloth
  • Chipboard
  • Shimmery card stock
  • Ribbon
  • Rhinestones
  • A good printer
  • A good trimmer

So gluing papers together and adding jewels are pretty easy, but I highly recommend that if you haven’t already, you invest in a serious trimmer to get this job done. You are going to hate your life if you attempt to do these menus by hand using a single sheet trimmer – especially when it comes to the chipboard.

If you are really serious about crafting and card-making, I recommend that you try this bad boy:

It retails for around $500.00 but it is SO awesome. It cuts 40 sheets at once, and several chipboard pages at once. It will make your life a million times easier when doing a large number of invitations, menu cards, programs, etc.

And now….here’s a full look at the menu cards for our wedding!

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

elegant wedding menu black tie formal menu card

Wedding Dos and Don’ts

I went to a wedding recently that prompted me to write a summation of dos and don’ts that I think some of you brides-to-be may find helpful.


1. Do not allow your band or DJ to play deafeningly loud music.

2. Do not let your waitstaff or caterer allow for bottlenecking at a buffet-style wedding

3. Do not skimp on extra waitstaff to work your event, to avoid having guests finally receive dinner after you’ve cut the cake

4. Do not forget to thank your invitees’ dates – they are still your guests even if you didn’t specifically invite them

5. Do not let your guests wait around for hours in between the ceremony and reception. Cap it at 1.5 hours max.

6. Do not choose to have an outdoor wedding in New England without having a solid backup plan in the event of torrential rain. Clam bakes in June are a great idea….but not if the sand is soaking wet.


1. Do make sure your guests have plenty of seating during cocktail hour

2. Do take the time to greet each guest and thank them for attending

3. Do make sure your guests are comfortable by hiring a wedding planner or event coordinator who can proactively solve problems to make your guests feel like, well, guests!

4. Do choose a caterer that has well-groomed servers and plenty of them to go around. Food can only be as great as it was at your tasting if it reaches all of your guests within a reasonable amount of time and isn’t stone cold when it arrives.

5. Do secure a rental for a tent or an inside facility so that in the event bad weather hits on your day, your guests can stay dry.

6. Do make sure you have a facility that can accommodate the number of guests. If you have 300 people coming to your wedding, make sure that there will be plenty of elbow room and that guests won’t be crammed into a tiny little cocktail hallway or be tripping over each other to get to the restroom.

The biggest takeaways from this are that there are 3 basic things all wedding guests want:  good food, good drinks, and comfort. Ok, yes, it is YOUR day, not theirs. But don’t you want to be considerate and make sure that your family, friends, and coworkers have a good time at your wedding? After all, they have given up a weekend day and evening (or even a full weekend in order to travel to your destination) and they have given you a generous gift.

If you are budgeting and need areas to cut back on – go easy on the floral arrangements, silk chair covers, or other unnecessary tidbits. Seriously, no one is going to think back and remember that you had an ice sculpture of your names. They are, however, going to remember how great (or not so great) the food was, how the service was, and whether or not they were comfortable.

I would highly recommend shortening your guest list, in exchange for having better quality food and service. Have enough chairs so that tired high-heeled feet can rest and invest in some extra waitstaff to make sure your guests get the same first class experience you had at your tasting. And for goodness sake, do not let the music blow out guests’ eardrums!