Indian American Luxurious Gold Wedding Ceremony Programs – Union Club Cleveland, OH

I was so happy to create wedding programs for this lovely bride & groom for their Indian wedding on November 17, 2012. Check out some preview photos from their wedding Angela & Umesh courtesy of Weddings by Alisa. 🙂

Edit: here are the beautiful photos from Angela & Umesh’s wedding by Alisa!!! Thank you again Alisa for sharing these photos with me! I played a small role their beautiful wedding but so happy to have been apart of their details! Check out Alisa’s photos from their day!!

And here are some shots of their wedding programs! Congrats to Angela & Umesh on your wedding!!!


Gold Red Luxury Elegant Wedding Programs Invitations Indian Wedding

Elegant Indian Wedding Programs Gold Red Shimmer Sparkle Glamorous

Indian Wedding Programs Invitations Black Tie Gold Elegant Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Programs That Shimmer and Sparkle – RI Invitations

After the invitations get sent out, the ceremony programs will be the first piece of stationery that your guests see when they arrive to the wedding. Aside from any flowers or ceremony decor, these will be the very first element of your wedding day that make an impression on your guests. What better way to do it than with your own handmade shimmery card stock programs with little ribbons and rhinestones? (Can you see a theme here with my wedding? 😉 )

Ceremony programs are the least complicated and least time-consuming to create. You can print on both sides and simply score in the middle to save paper. It’s always good to do a practice run on a few regular sheets of paper so that you don’t waste any of your pretty card stock. Tie a little ribbon bow and add a few jewels and voila – you now have an amazing piece to introduce your guests to your wedding ceremony. You can add special thanks to your readers, wedding party, and any other important family members who have helped bring it all together. It is also common to mention loved ones who have passed away on the back of your ceremony card so that their memory can be honored.

My theory is – keep it simple. While everyone is excited to see you walk down the aisle and all, let’s face it – everyone is more pumped for the reception. So while these wedding ceremony programs need to make a good impression, I wouldn’t spend too much time on them. Notice how these are much simpler than the wedding menus I made? Also, don’t feel like you need to make programs for every single person. After hearing some first hand advice from other DIY brides lately, it appears that the new trend is for all guests to show up to the reception but not all guests show up to the ceremony. Therefore, while you may be expecting 130 for a seated dinner, you may only have 100 or so that come for the ceremony (especially if your wedding ceremony is at a different location or a couple hours before your reception). You also don’t need to make programs for your wedding party unless someone really wants an extra one (but I mean…let’s be serious, who actually is going to want to keep one? You and your MOB will probably be the only people who will want to treasure a left over program once the wedding is over, so let’s not get carried away). For our wedding, we are having 130 guests roughly, and we have 10 people in our wedding party. Thus, I plan to make about 90 ceremony programs and even at that, I estimate that I might have some extras. Couples can share and plus, do people really stand and follow everything to a T? I think guests are more interested in watching what is going on – especially if you have a “wow” wedding dress.

Here are a couple photos of our wedding ceremony programs that maybe will give you some inspiration. They are really simple and printed at home on shimmery cardstock. Happy crafting!